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    Essential in any Incrowd app. Inform, inspire and enrich the news with images and attachments.
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    Because the outdated calendar on the office wall is really a no go nowadays. Up-to-date deadlines and events.
Incrowd Nieuws & kalender


The Media stream menu is developed specially to support so called user generated content. Users can post images and text, and they can 'like' each other's content.

By using the # functionality, it is possible to start separate Media stream conversations. Not only convenient to exchange knowledge and expertise on certain subjects, the menu is often also used to fill in the 'social' aspect of internal communication.

incrowd mediastream

Quiz extension

This Incrowd extension offers you extensive possibilities in terms of launching a quiz, poll or survey. Inquire about wishes and ideas, test the knowledge within your organisation, and launch questionnaires for specific audiences to complete.

incrowd quix extension


No more searching for the contact details of your colleague or business partner. Automatically add all users of the Incrowd platform to the contact list or create your own selections.

You can allow users, whose contact details are included in the list, to add -, modify – or delete information. With Incrowd Web they can also upload their own profile picture. Make all expertise and knowledge easily findable; you decide what information should be displayed.

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Push notification

With a push notification you give a new message even more attention. Incrowd users will be made aware of actual messages directly. Additionally, you can use push - or e-mail notifications to alert editors about feedback that was received from users. This is how Incrowd remains interactive!

Incrowd CMS

With the Incrowd CMS you instantly publish your content and manage your users. Besides that you have direct insight into the feedback on your posts. A simple publishing wizard helps you to schedule messages, add attachments and determine the exact range in five steps.

incrowd quix extension

Software as a Service

Incrowd is a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) application. There is no need to install software to use the Incrowd CMS, and your multimedia messages will also be streamed from our servers.